"Row,Row,Row Your Boat"

Simple, pick one girl to row 3000 meters for time. Pick one guy to row 3000 meters for time. Their combined times give your gym a 6000 meter time for your boat. 

This takes place after "The Meet" at 3:30 pm on Saturday!

"The Meet"

We will be having an Olympic Weight Lifting event going on similtaniously to the Conquer Denver Workouts! 

You must pick one athlete and one athlete only to partake in some heavy lifting. 

The weigh in for this is Saturday morning at 10:00 am.

"The Meet" takes place at noon on Saturday.

Demo Video of the 12th Workout of Conquer Denver, "Grace Who"

This one goes off after the Dinner break on Saturday at 8:10pm.


Workout #9 of Conquer Denver!


This workout was emailed out to all of your gyms with the invite you recieved.  In case you forgot about it or your gym owner missed it when going through all the emails.  Here it is again..............

"Snatches and Balls"

8 Minute AMRAP

12 Power Snatches 95lbs/65lbs  

12 Ball Slams 30lbs/20lbs              

This one goes off at 4:15pm on Saturday.                                                                                                           



Demo of the 5th workout of Conquer Denver "Double Trouble"!

This one goes off at 11:00am on Saturday.


Demo video for the First workout at Conquer Denver "C2B and 4 Square"!

This one goes off at 6:45pm on Friday.



Workout Schedule for the Conquer Denver Weekend!

Friday Night

4-6:30 Team check in, need to tell us your 10 team members at this time.  Not everyone has to be there at once, but everyone will have to sign a waiver before they compete!

6:45-8    “C2B and 4 Square”        1Girl/1Guy                         8 Minute Cut Off

8:15-9:15 “Jumbo’s Triple”          1Girl/1Guy Together      15 Minute Cut Off

9:30-10 “SS Isa Partner Style”   1Girl/1Guy Together      8 Minute Cut Off

10:15-12:30 AM “Chippa What Chippa Who”  All 10 Athletes Go, 3 Heats in between DJ Sets!


10-11:00  Olympic Weightlifting Meet weigh in.

 11-12:15  “Double Trouble”  1Girl/1Guy 8 Minute Cut Off

 12-3:00  Olympic Weightlifting Meet

 12:30-1:15 “Underrated”  1Girl/1Guy Together  12 Minute Cut Off

 1:40-2:25  “Quad-ra-fry”  1Girl/ 1Guy Together  12 Minute Cut Off

 2:50-3:50  “Raising the Bar”  1Girl/1Guy   7 Minute Cut Off

 3:30-4:50   “Row, Row, Row your Boat”  1Girl/1Guy 

 4:15-5:30  “Snatches and Balls”  1Girl/1Guy  8 Minute Cut Off

 5:55-6:25  “So Lets Complex”  1Girl/1Guy Together  7 Minute Cut Off

 6:50  DINNER BREAK  (Jumpin Rope Exhibition and The Amazing Ian Drum Solo)

 7:30-8  “Death by P/T”  2 Girls/2Guys Together  7 Minute Cut Off

 8:10-8:55  “Grace Who”  1Girl/1Guy Together  11 Minute Cut Off


 9:15-10:15 FINAL TEAM WORKOUT  “Get Outta My Way”

                     The 10 Highest ranked teams Pick 3 girls and 3 guys to

                     Alternate through the workout.  25 Minute Cut Off

 10:30 Awards Ceremony Immediately followed by Concert!


Social Media

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Come out and support your gym's team as they try to Conquer! Denver.  

Ten of your fellow gym members will be chosen to represent your affiliate. This ten person team will be competing against the top 48 gyms in Colorado, in a two day event to decide who has the best
gym in Colorado. 

This entire weekend is FREE to attend for all spectators! There will be food and beverage
available all day and all night long. 


The fun starts Friday night at 7pm with the first of two workouts and two
“spectator only” workouts.

These workouts will be followed by an opening ceremony party. Come kick off this incredible weekend designed to celebrate your fitness!

Yes, it is a competition, but it’s a party too. The bars will be open the entire time the doors are open.

There will be fun transportation options available to and from the event. 


The party continues Saturday from Noon till whenever you want………….. There will be 5 more workouts for the teams and 5 more “spectator only” workouts. 

The Final Workout to determine the best gym in Colorado will be at 9PM with the “Fastest Spectator” Finale to follow.

DO NOT GO ANYWHERE, we are not done.   Directly after the awards ceremony will be
the fittest concert you have ever been to. 

Spectator Events- You have all done it, you all probably hate it, but when do you ever get a chance to do it in front of 3000 screaming fitness fans just like you! $500 bucks
and the title of “Fastest Fan”  goes to the winner!


“Conquer! Gorilla spirt award”               

This $500 cash prize goes to the gym with the loudest, most spirited, most involved fan base
out there.  Bring your training partners, family and friends, bring them all.  The success of your gym is due to your efforts every day in the gym pushing each other to be better. Come out and show that support at Conquer! Denver and get rewarded for it!

Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for exclusive prizes and opportunities as the event draws near!

Prize Money Payouts- (awarded to gym)

 1stPlace               $5000.00

 2ndPlace              $4000.00

 3rdPlace               $3000.00

 4thPlace               $2000.00

 5thPlace               $1500.00

 6thPlace               $1200.00

 7thPlace               $1000.00

 8thPlace               $800.00

 9thPlace               $600.00

 10thPlace            $500.00

Conquer! Gorilla

Spirit Award            $500.00

Fan Award            $500.00



The Conquer Event Series is here to provide an unparalled athlete and spectator experience. The Series is built around an athletic contest within a festival atmosphere. Our goal is to capture the fun and excitement of what it truly means to be fit!